Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few of the questions that are frequently asked by many of our clients. With as much experience as we have, we notice that some problems are common throughout history.

What should I look for in a security company?

Staff experience is vital. Delays occur when the installers are being trained on the job. You should find out if they have completed installations similar to yours. References are important. View some of ours here. Are the installers properly licensed and insured? How long have they been in business? Has this particular security company been able to retain its experienced workers? Do they seem interested in your needs or are they simply selling equipment? Do they appear to understand your kind of business?

How can I make the exterior of my building safer for my employees at closing time?

Here are four steps to make your building exterior and parking lots safer. First, increase the lighting level in these areas. Second, install CCTV cameras and recorders to monitor the areas. A display monitor can be placed near the door so areas can be scanned by employees just before leaving the building. Third, post signs indicating that the area is being monitored by cameras. The fourth step is to develop guidelines for employees which increase their personal security at closing time.

Employees are entering areas of the plant without permission. What can I do?

Access to certain areas of the plant can be limited by installing a card access system at entry doors. Access can be limited by time of day and day of the week. Information on access or attempted access can be stored for later review. Time and date stamps on each entry create a clear record of access.

Warehouse goods are disappearing. Could my employees be pilfering the stock?

Preventative measures can be taken to limit losses. Installing a card access system should reduce losses by controlling access to the warehouse area. Identifying persons actually carrying goods out of the warehouse is best done with CCTV cameras. Video tape or digital recorded activities with time/date stamping are admissible evidence in court if prosecution is appropriate.

Graffiti is being painted on my plant walls. What can I do to stop it?

Graffiti is a difficult problem. As with other forms of vandalism, CCTV cameras and signage indicating the existance of cameras discourage such activities. Time/date stamping of video recordings is proper evidence in the courts and this can lead to successful prosecutions.

Production problems may be due to employee sabotage. What can I do?

Audio-Visual Communications offers a clandestine installation service where cameras and recorders are installed during off-work hours. Monitoring of work areas begins immediately and continues 24 hr. per day. A high success rate has resulted from these installations because of our depth of experience and careful work. Clandestine installations work well to combat employee theft situations also. Clandestine installations protect the owner’s investment and also prove the innocence of employees who are not involved in the crime.

Shoplifting is a problem at our store. What can I do about this profit-killing activity?

Shoplifting is difficult to prevent. CCTV camaras and signs indicating cameras are in operation can deter many shoplifters. Video tape which records a crime is court-admissible evidence and can, at times, provoke a confession from the perpetrator. Video tape evidence is superior to many other kinds of evidence of a crime.

We are getting complaints of loss of personal items in our employee lockers area. What can we do?

CCTV cameras and signage indicating their operation will deter most theft. Often, one prosecution of a thief will serve to emphasize company policy against this crime. Some kinds of harassment and practical jokes can also be lessened by camera coverage of problem areas.

Cashiers may be giving away merchandise to friends. How can I gather evidence?

Most modern cash registers have an interface connection which allows recording of transactions to video tape. CCTV cameras can, at the same time, record what items were actually purchased. With its time/date stamping on the video tape, clear evidence of the innocence or guilt of the cashier is obtainable. Remember, our tapes are court-admissible evidence of a crime.

My employees need to wear protective gear all the time. How can I check?

CCTV cameras can help in some situations but an employee education program is often the best answer. Many employees do not know the reasons why safety equipment is needed. Ignorance is not bliss for you or your employees.

I need a fence around my lot but I also need to let trucks in for deliveries. What can I do?

A motorized gate and a card access system will limit the vehicles which enter your lot. Another approach is to mount a CCTV camera near the gate entrance and have the gate opener controlled by an employee in the office. There are many factors to be considered when limiting access. An on-site visit by one of Audio-Visual Communication’s consultants is essential to plan the best approach for your location.

I bought my security system from XYZ. Will you service it?

There are times when equipment is low quality and repair is a poor investment. In other cases, Audio-Visual Communications is happy to provide an estimate of costs. Our extensive experience enables us to check your system quickly and accurately.